First Dates USA: Drew Barrymore Are Ellen Degeneres Are Both Involved!

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We don’t know a single person who doesn’t love Ch4’s hit First Dates. Now the TV show is heading to the USA with stars Drew Barrymore and Ellen Degeneres at helm.

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This news has gotten us all kinds of giddy. Ellen and Drew! Our all-time faves! We’re already into this.

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The US version will be set in a fancy restaurant in Chicago and with girl crush Drew narrating all the brilliantly awkward moments.

First Dates is a Channel 4 hit

Anyone worried that Fred will be travelling across the pond to serve as maître d’ can breathe a sigh of relief. The French romantic doesn’t have any plans to be part of the US First Dates crew as of yet.

first dates

Chat show host and all-round amazing woman Ellen will help produce the NBC show, obviously mega excited, sharing a trailer on her Twitter recently.

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America has a long history of picking up shows that do well in the UK, often with varying degrees of success. Shameless, and The Office were among the wins.

Maybe First Dates will be a score, too? With Drew and Ellen in charge we can’t imagine it won’t be…