Twitter Left Horrified After Awkward First Dates Moment

First Dates is one of the highlights of our week. 

There’s just something so satisfying about witnessing the awkward blind date behaviour of others (because, quite frankly, it makes us feel just a little bit more normal when we’re fumbling our way onto one of our own first-time meetings). 

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But this week’s helping of the Channel 4 dating show left audiences feeling jittery for a whole other reason. 


Yup, in possibly the most awkward date chat EVER to be witnessed by any humans, the conversation between Paddy and his date Heather took an, erm, disgusting turn. 

It all started when Heather innocently revealed that she doesn’t eat fish or meat. She explained, ‘Why would you want to eat something that smells like that? I really don’t like it.’

Paddy decided that this spelt out time for a trip down memory lane (oh no) and said, ‘I was seeing this girl who was quite domineering she was scary… I won’t go into any more details because it’s quite personal.’

We think you can see where this is going…

He ACTUALLY said, ‘But it stank. And you don’t like fish.’

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We have no words.

Twitter, with all its banter, had plenty.

Comments included: ‘Yikes, pray for Heather. He’s a disaster. This is a disaster. #FirstDates’ and ‘I’d be like Heather, just give me the bottle. #FirstDates’ [sic].