Last Night’s First Dates Managed To Cause Quite The Controversy

Maggie proved to be a very controversial restaurant guest...

Here in Blighty, very few things divide the nation quite so fiercely.

The proper way to make a cup of tea? Yes. The correct Meal Deal combo? Yes. Maggie from the current series of First Dates? Apparently, yes.

So, as we’re sure you’re all aware, First Dates is back on our boxes- bringing with it countless giggles, crushes and ‘awks’ moments.

Could we be any happier? No. No, we couldn’t.

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And, as usual, the latest update from the First Dates restaurant has managed to spark a massive online reaction – with many Twitter users taking to the social media platform to share their opinions on one particular diner.

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During the latest episode, we were introduced to many new lovebirds – amongst them was 63-year-old violinist Maggie.

From the get-go, Maggie managed to captivate the audience with her David Attenborough-esque voice and incredible relationship history.

During her date with 70-year-old former detective Alistair, Maggie had opened up about her previous lover – sharing a rather incredible tale of doomed love.

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Speaking to Alistair, Maggie explained that, whilst working in the Middle East, she had fallen in love with an Iranian man with whom she couldn’t marry, because she wasn’t Jewish.

The violinist explained: ‘I fell in love with Iranian, and lived as an Iranian wife. We weren’t allowed [to marry]. His family was jewish and I wasn’t’.

Since the episode aired, many viewers have taken to social media to share their captivation over Maggie and her very unique tale.

Countless viewers have tweeted their admiration of Maggie, with messages such as: ‘I wanna be as classy and sassy as Maggie when I’m 63 #FirstDates’ and ‘Okay so Maggie on first dates is my new idol’. 

However, many others have also taken to social media to say that they weren’t quite so enthralled. In fact, some even went as far as to say that they had found the date a tad one-sided.

One user wrote: ‘All Maggie wants to talk about are her achievements, where she’s been and what she does. Annoying’.

We’ve all fallen victim to the standard first date over-share, no?!

We’d love to know your thoughts on last night’s episode – tweet us @Lookmagazine. 

Alice Perry