Viewers Of First Dates Were Left Heartbroken After Watching This Date

All. The. Emotions.

First Dates is one of those shows that can either warm your heart or break it.

Last night’s episode left lots of viewers well and truly heartbroken (we’re not sure we’re quite over it yet) because of the inspirational story of one dater and her battle with cancer.

37-year-old Annie went on a date with 40-year-old construction worker Barry and they connected over their mutual love for motorbikes and family values.

On the show, Annie bravely revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33 and later – in November 2015 – learnt that it had progressed to her bones and become incurable.

Behind the scenes, Annie expressed that she was terrified to reveal her illness to Barry, saying ‘I think the effect on loving relationships is that I’m more susceptible to realise I need one. I don’t lie about it and I’m very upfront.

‘But the one thing that worries me about telling somebody is do you want to sit down and say ‘just so you know, I’ve got fake tits, I have to take a few drugs and basically I’m dying’.

‘Incurable cancer? Great! I’d scare the living s*** out of them.’

Despite her fears to tell her date about her condition, as her time with Barry progressed Annie decided to share her battle with the disease with him.

‘You know that when it’s in your bones you’re buggered’, Annie opened up.

Barry was unsurprisingly taken aback by learning about Annie’s situation but openly admired her strength surrounding it.

He replied, ‘I’m completely bowled over by your positive attitude – that’s special.’

Indeed it is.

The emotional conversation unsurprisingly shook the nation, with many tweeting their reaction to the inspirational story…

Despite the banter between the pair, Annie told Barry, ‘I think you’re lovely but I don’t fancy you.’

There may not be a shot of romance between the two hopeful romantics, but Barry has promised to take Annie to a motorbike festival as friends after she has finished her chemotherapy.

We are undeniably touched by Annie’s amazing outlook on life and both her and Barry deserve all the happiness in the world.

By Catherine Delves