Find Out How Michelle Williams Avoids Public Embarrassment!

Michelle Williams and her man Jason Segel make an adorable couple in real life, but her latest movie Take This Waltz sees her paired up with one of his good friends, Seth Rogen, in a not-so-happy marriage.

Michelle and Seth’s characters indulge in some cringeworthy baby talk in the film, and she told the Guardian that while she doesn’t mind embarrassing herself on screen, she’d be mortified in reality:

“I do enjoy embarrassment [in movies], it is my favourite kind of humour. But the idea, personally, of being embarrassed in public, that’s the worst possible thing I can imagine. Horrible.

“That’s why I really don’t enjoy wearing high heels; they up the possibility for embarrassment tenfold. I try not to wear white because that’s just asking for it. I don’t wear glasses because someone can knock them off and that makes you vulnerable. I try to walk around with some kind of armour.”

We’ve seen her in white, in heels ANDĀ glasses in the past, so something tells us those aren’t hard and fast rules… BS