Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie: Little Mix Say Channing Tatum For Christian Grey!

Fifty Shades Of Grey movie casting is STILL on all our minds, and we caught up with Little Mix to find out who their ideal Christian Grey is…

Sorry, Zayn Malik – you weren’t mentioned!

We chatted to the girls last week as they helped get ready for the Xmas shopping season, and performed some tracks at their warehouse to promote their new album DNA – out now!

They threw out some great (and bizarre) ideal men for Christian Grey, before settling on the one man they could all agree on.

Here’s what they told us:

Jesy: “Plan B.”

Perrie: “Oh my god, if I hear Plan B’s name one more time today…”

Leigh-Anne: “Ray Winstone!” (laughter)

Jade: “I think Ryan Reynolds… or Ryan Gosling.”

Leigh-Anne: “Leonardo…”

Jade: “Channing Tatum!”

Jesy: “Channing Tatum!”

Perrie & Leigh-Anne: “CHANNING TATUM!”

Jade (nodding): “Magic Mike.”

Leigh-Anne: “He’d be insane…”

That’s it then – LIttle Mix are clearly voting for Magic Mike himself!

Channing… Are you listening? Check out LOOK’s picks for the cast in the gallery below… BS