Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie: Ian Somerhalder Talks ‘Fun’ Role

Ian Somerhalder remains one of the fan favourites to play the S&M-loving CEO Christian Grey in the movie adaption of Fifty Shades Of Grey, but he’s got some er… stiff competition.

On US show What Watch Happens Live in the US last night, host Andy Cohen asked Ian how he felt about playing the role of the film’s main character.

He said: “Listen. There are so many young boys in Hollywood that are up for this role. I think they have a very big job ahead of them casting this role.  

“So, I can’t say anything other than it’s a very interesting story and whoever plays that role is going to have a lot of fun, rehearsal time.” 

Andy replied: “Wow! I think that means he’s doing it.” 

LOOK readers voted Matt Bomer as their top choice to play Christian, but Ian came very close to reaching the top spot. 

At 34, he’s a little older that the 27-year-old character, but has the sexy smirk, the hot body and the floppy brown locks. Fans of The Vampire Diaries will know that he can certainly play the brooding, short tempered type, while author E.L. James has hinted that Ian is her favourite. 

Watch this space! RM

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