Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie: Has Christian Grey Already Been Cast?

Fifty Shades Of Grey movie fans will be pleased to hear that some progress has been made on casting the role of Christian Grey. Are you ready? STEPHEN AMELL’S HAD A MEETING!

And breathe. 

The gorgeous star – who plays Oliver Queen in Sky 1’s Monday night hit Arrow – announced the news on his official Facebook page late last night. 

Stephen was answering questions from fans via a series of short videos when he was asked whether he’d be interested in playing the role of the S&M-loving CEO. He said: “I get questions about Christian Grey all the time. That project is a long way off.”

He then added: “I know this, because I had a meeting about it. Long way off. I mean, not that long, but not close. I wouldn’t call it long, but I wouldn’t call it close.”

Oh Stephen, you tease. 

We think he’d actually make the perfect Mr Grey in the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie. As Oliver Queen in Arrow, he plays a millionaire playboy who fights crime in a hot green leather get-up like a modern day Robin Hood. (Believe us, it’s amazing).

He’s got the most incredible abs we’ve ever seen and has nailed the smouldering stare, the wicked smirk and the sexy smile.

Our inner goddess is doing back flips! (Sorry). RM