Which A-list actor is fit to play Christian Grey?

Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie: An Update!

Fifty Shades Of Grey fever is still all we’re talking about in the LOOK office, and until the producers and writers of the film announce who’s been cast, we’re just going to have to trawl through dozens of HOT pictures of male celebs until we find our perfect Christian Grey.

See our HOT favourites to play Christian Grey by clicking here or scrolling down…

We asked YOU who you’d like to see play the saucy CEO and you tweeted us in your hundreds with your suggestions. But we want more! So take a look through our gallery to see who LOOK readers chose as their perfect Christian, then let us know yours, by tweeting us @LookMagazine with the hash tag #MyChristianGrey.

And don’t forget to watch our video below for some inspiration… RM