Fifty Shades Of Grey: Ian Somerhalder Talks Movie Role

Ian Somerhalder has a fine talent for making Fifty Shades Of Grey headlines. The Vampire Diaries actor has managed to get us all hot under the collar again by talking about the role of Christian Grey in the soon-to-be produced movie adaptation.

In an interview with Associated Press, he discussed the moment he encountered a woman reading the racy novel in a Whole Foods store. 

He says she was browsing E.L James’ book in the checkout queue when she looked up and caught his eye. Ian says they “totally had a moment”. So jealous. Why does this never happen to us at Tesco?

He said: “You could see her blushing for a second. She saw that I saw the book, and I just smiled at her and said, ‘It’s a good read, huh?’ And she goes, ‘This so embarrassing.'” Awks! 

He added: “Everybody’s up for this role, but in her mind, just from seeing media, I was that guy.” 

Sounds like someone’s trying to prove they’re the perfect Mr Grey. Are you listening, Mr Casting Director? Let us know who YOU want to land the role in the comments box below. RM