Fifty Shades Of Grey: 5 Books That Put It To Shame

Fifty Shades Of Grey took the world by storm with its clumsy-which-doesn’t-make-her-likeable Anastacia Steele and her actually-insane-but-sexy-so-it’s-OK boyfriend, Christian Grey.

Unsurprisingly more and more writers are turning to erotic fiction in the wake of its success and if you’ve already picked up your copy of this week’s LOOK you’ll have seen our story on porn star turned author, Sasha Grey and her new x-rated book; The Juliette Society.

If you’ve become an erotic fiction fan (like most of the LOOK office) then we’ve handpicked five more sexy books that are for you. Just remember to hide the cover on the tube…

On His Terms

by Sierra Cartwright, Total-E-Bound, £3.29

Sierra’s last book, With This Collar has been at number one on’s bestseller list for three weeks so we’re pretty excited about her sexy new offering. It’s the second in her ‘Mastered’ series which follows Julia Lyle in her discovery of the world of BDSM. Which – incidentally – she was introduced to at her best friend’s wedding. Obviously! Bonus point: Sierra’s a Brit, so we a) can all enjoy our sex talk without the irritating Americanisms. And b) get some satisfaction from knowing that we are just as depraved as the rest of the world. Yay us!

Out 6th May

Never Too Far

by Abbi Glines, Simon and Schuster, £6.99

The sequel to New York Times Bestseller, Fallen Too Far, picks up on the story of small-town gal, Blaire Wynn and her bad boy with secrets, Rush Finlay. Her sexy and complicated step-brother is back and wants forgiving for something unforgiveable that is probably, ultimately, totally forgivable. Question: Why do they all have such complicated names? It’s like their parents knew they’d end up featuring in a porn novel.

Out Now

Grounding Quinn

and Delicate by Steph Campbell, Simon and Schuster, £6.99

Previously a self-publisher (just like EL James), Steph’s two most popular books are now getting a nationwide release (no pun intended). We haven’t read them yet, but the press release informs us that Grounding Quinn is – probably unsurprisingly – about a girl called Quinn. She’s having a very sexy fling with a boy called Ben who we’re told is “gorgeous”. He is probably also “brooding” and will no doubt at various points also be quite “vulnerable.” In Delicate, our heroine, Sydney Pierce “has it all”? Or does she? Yes, she does. But her world is crumbling, much like a Cadbury’s Flake bar you opened a bit too aggressively, when a charming new man called Grant comes along…

Out 9th May


by Charlotte Roche, Fourth Estate, £12.99

You might have heard of Charlotte’s first book, Wetlands? The “semi-autobiographical” novel about sex (why else are we here, amiright?) and the female body, sold more than 700,000 copies when it was released in 2009. Largely thanks to the insanely graphic and explicit content that was so shocking, people fainted at the readings. So we’re predicting big things from her new novel, Wrecked, which explores the very open marriage of Elizabeth and Georg (no e and no explanation as to why). Prepare yourself, and keep the smelling salts handy.

Out Now

By Lauren O’Callaghan and Gemma Calvert, 30th April 2013

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