5 Ways To Make Your Party Season Instagram-Worthy

Want more likes than Taylor Swift this Christmas and New Year? We can help you out...

We don’t know about you, but we’re ridiculously excited for the party season. We’ll get to munch mince pies, drink bubbly for breakfast and maybe nab a kiss under the mistletoe.

But while we love our festive traditions, we’re also keen to do Christmas and New Year’s Eve the 2016 way. And that means sharing our fun with our Instagram followers.

Of course, we all want our pages to look as pretty as possible. So we have a few tips for you…

1) Try new angles

Wondering how bloggers get their pictures looking so good? They take their time. They’ll snap the same Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve shoes over and over, seeing how they look from different angles.

For inanimate objects, zooming in closer and focusing on a particular detail can really draw the eye. If you’re photographing a pretty winter view, crouch down or find an elevated place (e.g. a bridge or a hill) to give it your own unique perspective.

Festive Instagram tips

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2) Make sure you’ve got the right equipment

With a great lens, you’re halfway to getting a great photo.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you run out and buy a DSLR, tripod and lighting equipment. However, you can make sure that your phone is up to scratch.

There are a few good options on the market, but we love the fact that the Sony Xperia XZ and Xperia XCompact have innovative camera sensors, which sharply capture moving objects even in poor lighting. Perfect for remembering your workmates’ dance moves at the Christmas party, eh?

3) Go for Christmas and NYE-inspired make-up

An easy way to ensure your feed looks perfect for the party season is by creating a festive theme. This means no random #TBT photos of your summer holiday in between your turkey and tree.

If you’re planning on taking selfies (we mean, is it even Christmas if you don’t show off your Christmas jumper?!), remember to keep yourself part of that theme. We’re thinking berry lips, glitter eyeliner and a just-stepped-out-of-the-cold pinch of blusher.

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4) Keep things clean

While we’re totally embracing the over-the-top nature of the party season, our Instagram pages can always do with some breathing space.

When debuting your new handbag on Christmas morning, try to shoot it against a plain wall or surface. This will help keep your profile nice and neat. For scenes you have less control over, avoid getting any ugly extras in the frame, such as bins or telephone poles.

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5) Play around with video

Christmas and New Year are all about having fun – so your Instagram should be too.

Now that we have short videos at our Insta fingertips, you can share cute clips of your dog wearing his festive antlers, or give your pals a tour of your dad’s crazy light display. Not only that, but Boomerangs are the best way to showcase the sparkles on your NYE dress.

So after that quick lesson, it’s time to go and enjoy your party season – and rack up all the likes. Have a Quality Street for us!