Is There Shame In Being Called A ‘Single Mum’? Ferne McCann Sparks Debate

A fellow celebrity mum has penned a blog post in response to the TOWIE star's comments...

Ferne McCann gave birth to her first child at the beginning of November.

The former TOWIE star has been very open with her fans about her journey and her new family; unfortunately for Ferne, not long before announcing her pregnancy, the father-to-be was arrested in connection with an acid attack.

He has since been convicted for his part in the crime, and the new mum has issued a statement to confirm that they are no longer together, and that she is planning to raise her baby alone.

Discussing her decision in an interview with OK!, she explained: ‘I don’t like the term single mum and I don’t want to be addressed as that because I don’t think you should be labelled.

‘To me, I’m going to be a mum like anyone else, but just in a different situation. It shouldn’t define you.’


This sentiment appears to have caused something of a backlash amongst mothers, with one taking to their blog to respond to the idea.

Jessica Cunningham – who has previously appeared on The Apprentice – penned a piece for her website Mother Of Maniacs, in which she said that Ferne ‘will have offended MANY single mums out there.’

The mum-of-three claimed that Ferne’s words insinuate that there is ‘shame attached’ to the term; something that she strongly argues against.

Jessica wrote: ‘She probably thinks that the statement is empowering for women. But, after experiencing life as a single mum – I strongly disagree.

‘The term single mum is something you can own. From worrying where you are going to get money from to pay the bills and raising a child/children alone, to finding time to be able to work, spend time with your kids and fit in some “you time”.

‘Becoming a single parent consumes who you are. You try and overcompensate for the lack of the other parent … and I’m not just talking about single mums but single parents, in general.’

She later added: ‘I have a lot of respect, empathy, and support for Ferne.

‘Through no fault of her own, she has had to make probably the hardest decision of her life choosing to become a single parent! But with that ‘label’, she will also have the chance to inspire others.’

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