Twitter Fans React To Ferne McCann’s ‘Obsessed’ Behaviour On Celebs Go Dating

'Chill a small bit hunni it's too early to be obsessed...' Errr, this is awkward

As one of the contestants on Celebs Go Dating, we have to applaud Ferne McCann for actually putting herself out there. Dating on live TV sure does take some guts (literally, fair play to her), however, being a little too keen isn’t going to do you any favours either. Especially when Twitter is watching…

Last night’s show saw the TOWIE star make a beeline for 29-year-old hairdresser Lee, however, it was Ferne’s err enthusiastic approach that got fans talking. Now, we know that dating is hard (amen), but flipping out your phone and engaging in an Instagram stalk within a few minutes of meeting the chap Ferne, isn’t going to do you any favours. And no, neither is aggressively grilling about pictures of his ex. And of course, fans were quick to notice, AND comment…

Ferne McCann Celebs Go Dating

Ferne wasted no time Insta-stalking Lee’s ex #awkward

‘Chill a small bit hunni it’s too early to be obsessed you’ll scare him off lol’, one viewer urged.

Another simply stated: ‘Ferne is the worst at dating if she’s not crying she’s going ‘I reallly fancy him, he’s sooo fit’, #cringe’

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Oh dear. Poor Fearne. Hey, in fairness, in that kind of situation, we don’t know how we’d behave either, right? In fact, some (like us) thought that Ferne’s chat-up skills were downright hilarious.

Ferne McCann Celebs Go Dating 2

Lock that second date DOWN Ferne…

‘The more I drink, the more I fancy you!’ she declared during the mixer. She also advised Lee that at age 29, he really should think about ‘settling down’. Come on, that’s actually lols.

”The more I drink the more I fancy you’ @fernemccann you had me in stitches #celebsgodating’, one fan tweeted.

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We think it’s fair to say as singletons, Ferne, you are one of us. More power to you. And come on, who hasn’t ‘fessed up drunken love to some hapless taxi driver at the end of the night?

‘That was the best evening of my whole entire life,’ she gushed at the end of the show. ‘He was just everything. I really wanted to kiss him, I’m in love. I’m in love!’

Aww. Here’s hoping the second date goes well Ferne. We’re rooting for you babe.