Why Everyone Is Talking About The Latest Episode Of The Mummy Diaries

Sam Faiers' BFF Ferne McCann joined the show for Billie's baby shower...

It seems as though Twitter was all about The Mummy Diaries last night.

Documenting the family life of former The Only Way Is Essex star Samantha Faiers, last night’s helping of the ITVBe show saw the baby shower of Sam’s sister Billie Faiers.

Of course, Billie has now given birth to her second child, Arthur. She and her partner Greg Shepherd welcomed their son in March, but filming would have taken place months before.

Ferne McCann, close friend of the showbiz sisters, also made an appearance in the episode. The 26-year-old has recently announced that she’s expecting her first child, but her cameo on the show would have been filmed in February before all of this unfolded.

Ferne McCann

Discussing the amazing way that the human body works (with a special emphasis on, well, lady parts), Ferne said to her pregnant BFF: ‘The vagina… it literally just springs back.’

Billie later told the camera: ‘Obviously she hasn’t given birth yet, but she knows a lot about it already.’

Following rumours of her own pregnancy, Ferne issued a statement through a spokesperson to confirm that she is expecting.

It said: ‘Ferne is grateful for the sympathetic way news of her pregnancy has been covered and people’s support and obviously her first concern is for her child’s health.

‘Accordingly she does not wish to discuss the pregnancy further given the early stage it is at and the immense strain that Ferne is currently under.’

Distancing herself from her former partner at the same time, the statement continued: ‘Nor does she wish to discuss her ex-boyfriend who she does not recognise from the events of the last week.

‘Ferne is in no way seeking sympathy for her situation and is determined to do all she can to have a happy and heathy child and face the challenges of being a single parent with all her energy.

‘Her thoughts are with the victims of the horrific attack on Easter Monday.’