Ferne McCann Hits Back At Claims She Has Had Lip Filler

After being trolled on her latest Instagram post, Ferne has set the story straight...

TV star Ferne McCann has been forced to take to her Instagram story to confront recent speculation.

After posting a stunning selfie on her account, Ferne was inundated with comments accusing her of having lip fillers.

And we're off…✈️ last one until baby arrives 😌

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So she addressed all her followers directly, and had some strong words…

‘Hey, so I just wanted to address something so you can hear it first from the horse’s mouth,’ Ferne began.

‘I posted my latest Instagram post and loads of people are like ‘She’s had her lips done, get her priorities straight, she’s pregnant’

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‘As IF I would get lip filler whilst I’m pregnant. I haven’t had lip filler, I wouldn’t have lip filler.  And also, you guys know how honest I am about things like that because of my nose – I would tell you,’ she assured her followers.

‘So to all of you that have been so quick to jump on the ‘She’s had lip filler’… Delete the comments. It’s lip liner, guys. And when your pregnant apparently your lips swell, anything can swell when you’re pregnant. So there you go!’

You tell ’em, Ferne!

And loyal fans of the star quickly rushed to her Instagram post to defend her.

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‘Looking 👌🏼 My lips were bloody enorm when I was pregnant… especially with Sofia! I want those swollen lips back 😜 x [sic]’ one follower related.

Another raged at the trolls: ‘People are always so quick to judge and slate others, everyone’s different and have different symptoms in pregnancy. So kindly f**k off and stop being so negative towards others, life is too short. @fernemccann you look beautiful and will be an awesome mummy’

We completely agree… So let’s all give poor Ferne a break, eh?

Plus, hasn’t she ALWAYS had gorgeous lips, anyway!?

By Emily Jefferies