Ferne McCann Goes On A Date With A Man Who Has A Penis Pump

A penis model! Seriously

When you head out to a first date with a bloke, one of the last things you might expect him to talk about would be his love of penis pumps. Unless you’re Ferne McCann…

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Ex-TOWIE Ferne has been taking part in TV show Celebs Go Dating and it’s safe to say, she’s had some shockers.

Ferne’s date is a real life PENIS model

One date saw her having to rush to loo because she struggled with, ahem, bowel issues. Then McCann went on a date with a bloke who fellow Celebs Go Dating pal Jorgie Porter had slated.

ferne penis

Her latest encounter involved a handsome boy who has a very interesting job…

In tonight’s episode Ferne meets up with Ellis, a men’s health product reviewer. And by ‘men’s health’ we mean willy enlargers.

Ellis: “[It’s] reviewing men’s health products – like penis enlargers.”

Ferne [with mouth hanging open): “Is it painful to do it?! Why the f*** would you want to do that? Would you think it’s weird if I said I often use this vagina shrinker?”

Ellis: “No, I’d think that was cool.”

Ellis has also appeared on The X Factor

Oh-kay then…

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Understandably Ferne was *pretty* surprised.

Anyone unsure as to what a penis pump is, please refer to the below…

A cylinder and pump are used to create a vacuum to help the penis become erect; the band or constriction ring is used to help maintain the erection.

Erm… cool.

It’s not the first time Ellis and his manhood have hit the headlines.

In 2015 the penis model performed No Diggity on The X Factor. He wasn’t successful and so continued to be a penis pumper.