Fergie Has A Theory About Taylor Swift And Kim Kardashian

Hang on. Did Fergie just hint that the whole feud could be a publicity stunt...?

The dramz between Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift continues to rage on, and with Calvin Harris and even Jennifer Lopez appearing to get dragged into the whole thing, it only seems to be escalating.

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ICYMI – and really, where have you been? – Camp Taylor and Camp Kim/Kanye have disagreed about the story behind the lyrics in Famous (you know, the one where Yeezy talks about sex with Tay Tay) for ages now.

Kim Kardashian decided enough was enough, and leaked a video recording of Kanye’s phone conversation with Swift, where it seemed that she was giving her consent to being rapped about.


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But since then, Taylor has hit back, claiming that the line she took issue with wasn’t included in that phone call, and wasn’t shared with her before the track was released.

The #KimExposedTaylorParty hashtag didn’t take long to emerge on social media, and since then people have appeared to throw shade and pick sides.

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Milf Money Kim Kardashian Fergie

Kim Kardashian poses with Fergie and Chrissy Teigen

Fergie has just spoken out about the whole ordeal.

She has a theory, and it’s an incredibly interesting one.

Natch, she’s backing KimYe. Well, Kimmy-K is one of her closest friends. And they have just filmed a (sassy) music video together.

Whilst appearing onĀ Kyle and Jackie O, she said, ‘You gotta respect her sticking up for her husband’.

But. Then she dropped a theory to end ALL theories.

Kim Kardashian Milf Money

Fergie continued, ‘Knowing them it’s probably a big master plan. They’ll probably all come together at the MTV Awards or something.’

Errrr. Can you imagine Kim/Kanye/Taylor plotting all of this out in a room together?

Way to get our cogs turning, Fergs.

Roll on the MTV Awards…