Fearne Cotton Interview: “Gwen Stefani Would Love My Couch!”

Fearne Cotton looks utterly new mum radiant when we meet at a Central London private members’ club. Her boyfriend Jesse Wood is in the background carrying their four-month-old baby, Rex, her mum’s sampling sushi for the first time with Gok Wan and Fearne glances occasionally in their direction.

We’re here for a sneak peek of her debut AW13 furniture and accessories collection, HOME for Very.co.uk and it’s very Fearne. Big splashes of shock pink (like her lipstick today) are off set with calm neutrals. There are quirky bold pieces like her favourite cat lamp (inspired by her adopted cat Rudy) and a floral rug plus sleeker, more subtle items like a mink sofa that wouldn’t look amiss in Kate Middleton’s boudoir.

Fearne, 31, designed the collection when she was pregnant and as an extension of her hugely successful Very.co.uk fashion range it’s bound to sell like hot cakes. Here she talks to LOOK about baby proofing her home, life with Jesse and why Gwen Stefani would be her perfect punter…

Tell us about how you created the range…

I was pregnant throughout so I just scurried away and let a lot of my creativity out. I wanted it to feel like my house but also really eclectic so you could take just one item.

Are bright colours very you?

I like a vibrant touch of colour. My front room is more based around mossy greens, then my kitchen is quite vintage and my bedroom is lots of iridescent green with black. I always have a real strong theme with colours in each room. I love pink.

Do you and Jesse agree on interiors?

Not always. He’s not as passionate about it, but we do definitely meet in the middle. Our house is a real amalgamation of both of our stuff.

Has your attitude to your home changed since you have become a mum?

Not really, I’ve got a big wooden chest in the kitchen which I put all baby paraphernalia in if people come round. I don’t want it to look like a nursery, I want it to look like a home still. We have got all of the baby stuff but we like to keep it hidden.

So it still feels like your house?

Exactly. Baby toys and mats are ugly and not attractive.

Maybe that could be your next range?

I don’t even know if I could tackle that one!

How are you juggling being a mum and work?

When I first had him, I thought: ‘How will I ever go back to work?’ I didn’t feel like it was possible, but now he’s four months old and comes to things with me. I’m very lucky that my job is very flexible. When I go to radio it won’t be like that, but then that is the next stage of working out how that works.

How hands on were you with the range?

I took in sketches, mood boards, pictures, photographs and things that I liked. I invited the team to my house to look around. It was two weeks before I gave birth that I signed it all off and then literally went to the hospital. I feel like the range is synonymous with my pregnancy. It was the end of the work chapter pre-baby for me. It was a nice farewell.

What is your favourite item from the collection?

The cat lamp is so cute and is based on my own cat Rudy, who is 18 and very scraggly and skinny and looks quite dead, but has the most amazing character. It is quirky and fun like her.

Which celebrity house would you love to see the range in?

I love Gwen Stefani and I think the bright pink couch would look great in her house, not that I’ve been in it! Also Gok’s got his eyes on one of the sofas and has the most amazing house ever so I would happily give him everything!”

Fearne’s HOME range is available now at Very.co.uk.

By Gemma Calvert

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