Fearne Cotton Celebrates Her 31st Birthday In Style

Fearne Cotton is celebrating her 31st birthday with her Radio 1 colleagues today. Isn’t it nice to know that even celebrities have to work on their birthdays?

The presenter spent yesterday evening with her family – she tweeted a picture of her dad releasing a paper lantern in her garden. She said: “Dad lighting me a birthday lantern! Make a wish!” Aww.

Fearne also tweeted an image of her adorable birthday cake, which features a zebra-print bra, with a huge baby bump and a little foot poking out. She said: “Aunty Karen made me this birthday cake for tomorrow! Ha!”

Ha, indeed! Fearne took the birthday feast into work with her only to be greeted with another amazing cake made by her producer, Anna.

We’re pretty sure you can eat both, Fearne – you are eating for two, after all! Happy Birthday, lovely… RM