Fearne Cotton Opens Up About Having Adult Braces

We love Fearne Cotton for always being so honest and open on Instagram.

Need an example? Earlier this year, the mum-of-two used her account to make a serious stand against Photoshopping.

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Fearne Cotton shared this au naturel selfie back in February


She’d written alongside a make-up free photo: ‘Ok let’s reverse this scene. Who is with me? Our social media culture is getting way out of control with filters/editing/perfect snap shots which are leading to acute pin pointing of so called imperfections.

‘I want to celebrate my imperfections and embrace it all. So here I am. No make up, greasy hair, tired mum eye bags, bottom brace, un-plucked brows, and happy. #CelebrateTheImperfect.’

Of course, she still looked completely gorgeous in the image. But that wasn’t her point.


Now Fearne, 34, has gone one step further, opening up about a change she is making to her appearance – her teeth.

Over the weekend, she shared an picture of herself with braces on her bottom jaw, penning the jokey caption: ‘EmBRACE-ing it all.’

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Fearne’s metalwork. In fact, she’s had them for a few months. But we think it’s great that she’s continuing to show people that (of course) it’s totally cool to wear adult braces.

Fearne Cotton shows us her braces


And judging by the numerous positive responses on her page, fans completely agree.

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Comments include: ‘Love that Fearne isn’t afraid to show what real girls are made of!’ and: ‘Never too old to have a brace and results will be stunning!’



Others have opened up about their own experience of braces.

One wrote: ‘I’ve had braces just before we got married, best thing I ever did! X,’ while another said: ‘Good for you Fern! The best thing I ever did at 30! It will go so quickly [sic].’

Ah, Fearne. Just when we thought we couldn’t love you any more…