Fearne Cotton Opens Up About Having Adult Braces

We love Fearne Cotton for always being so honest and open on Instagram.

Need an example? Earlier this year, the mum-of-two used her account to make a serious stand against Photoshopping.

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> Fearne Cotton shared this au naturel selfie back in February


She’d written alongside a make-up free photo: ‘Ok let’s reverse this scene. Who is with me? Our social media culture is getting way out of control with filters/editing/perfect snap shots which are leading to acute pin pointing of so called imperfections.

‘I want to celebrate my imperfections and embrace it all. So here I am. No make up, greasy hair, tired mum eye bags, bottom brace, un-plucked brows, and happy. #CelebrateTheImperfect.’

Of course, she still looked completely gorgeous in the image. But that wasn’t her point.



Now Fearne, 34, has gone one step further, opening up about a change she is making to her appearance – her teeth.

Over the weekend, she shared an picture of herself with braces on her bottom jaw, penning the jokey caption: ‘EmBRACE-ing it all.’

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Fearne’s metalwork. In fact, she’s had them for a few months. But we think it’s great that she’s continuing to show people that (of course) it’s totally cool to wear adult braces.

> Fearne Cotton shows us her braces


And judging by the numerous positive responses on her page, fans completely agree.

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Comments include: ‘Love that Fearne isn’t afraid to show what real girls are made of!’ and: ‘Never too old to have a brace and results will be stunning!’




Others have opened up about their own experience of braces.

One wrote: ‘I’ve had braces just before we got married, best thing I ever did! X,’ while another said: ‘Good for you Fern! The best thing I ever did at 30! It will go so quickly [sic].’

Ah, Fearne. Just when we thought we couldn’t love you any more…