X Factor’s Faye Horne Leaves Viewers Confused Over Her Age

The X Factor star Faye got a *big* reaction on Twitter after claiming she was 24 during her audition...

The X Factor auditions have been totally epic up until now – but one auditionee, Faye Horne, caused a right stir on Twitter at the weekend.

First up, there was that very awkward incident when Simon Cowell accidentally misheard her surname. Yep, that was awkward all right.

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simon cowell

Simon Cowell left Faye red faced after mis-hearing her surname…

The judge left Faye in a fit of giggles after pronouncing her name as ‘Faye Horny’ instead, but the singer soon composed herself enough to belt out a powerful rendition of Sam Smith’s Writing’s On The Wall.

However, it was less her singing voice, and more her age, that provoked a huge reaction online, after Faye stated she was 24-years-old.

‘Faye is the real life Benjamin button ? 24 my stovies #XFactor’, one viewer tweeted.

’24 my arse Faye ?✋? #XFactor’, another slammed.

Whilst another simply stated: ‘I think Faye is lying about her age ? #xfactor’.

However, being the sassy lady she is, Faye completely ignored the confusion over her age, and instead headed to Twitter to flirt a little more with Simon (and to thank her fans) straight after her audition.

‘Stop it Simon! Make sure you tune into #XtraFactorLive on ITV2 straight after the #Xfactor! Thank you for all your support! ?’, she tweeted.

faye x factor

Faye, you’re FABULOUS. Keep up the good work, lady!

We think Faye was totally fabulous, and with a voice like that, we couldn’t care less how old she is.

Keep it comin’, lady.