Have Fans Figured Out THAT Doctor Foster Secret?

Viewers think they've worked out what Simon told Tom...

If you haven’t been watching BBC1’s Doctor Foster, you seriously need to.

The second series certainly had a lot to live up to after the success of the first, and they definitely haven’t let fans down…

There have been more secrets, sex and scandals than ever, and we’re LOVING it.

And after the penultimate episode aired this week, fans were left stunned as Gemma and Simon went head-to-head after Gemma finally convinced Simon’s new wife Kate that he was no good.

Fans rejoiced as it looked like Gemma had finally succeeded in destroying he ex-husband’s life, but Simon hit back and warned the Doctor that she had ‘already lost’ their son, Tom…

Throughout the series, Simon has alluded to a secret he told their son to turn him against Gemma.. And it looked like it almost worked.

Clearly panicked, Gemma demanded answers: ‘Simon, what have you told him?’

‘You think you’ve won, look, I’m still here and Tom will never trust you, not really, not like he used to,’ Simon hit back – hinting that it wasn’t over just yet.

Earlier in the episode, Tom told his mother: ‘You know you keep asking me what dad said? Well, it doesn’t matter now so can we leave it?’


We expect to find out the big secret in next week’s grand finale, but many feel they’ve already worked out what Simon told Tom about Gemma…

Referring back to series one, many think that it is to do with the death of Simon’s mother: ‘That Gemma killed his mother? Well, helped her along?’ one asked.

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A different Twitter user shared: ‘That Gemma assisted his Grandmother’s death?’

Whereas others thought that Gemma may not be Tom’s biological mother…

You sure you trust him kate???😏… #drfoster

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‘I have a feeling Gemma isn’t Toms biological mother. #DoctorFoster,’ one speculated, and another agreed: ‘What is Gemma hiding from Tom ? I’m calling she’s not his birth mum #DoctorFoster’

One thought that Gemma’s neighbour had something to do with it: ‘So who is the mum… it’s got to be neighbour across the road!! #DoctorFoster #bbc’

We cannot WAIT to find out….

Doctor Foster series two finishes on Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One.