Your Mates Can Now See Everything You’ve Liked On FB

We’re about to give you one more reason to be embarrassed about your Facebook antics. (We apologise in advance).

Because now, your mates will be able to see EVERY single picture you’ve liked. Ever.

We know, you could argue that they already see some of your most recent Likes, because they often pop up on their News Feed when you click that little thumb, right?

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But this is a whole other kettle of fish. Because there’s a secret function on Facebook that will literally now let your mates scroll through your embarrassing Likes in their entiry. Oh, no.

So, how do you find it? Well, simply go to the Facebook search bar and type in ‘photos liked by my friends’. You’ll then see a list of images that every single one of your online pals has been gving the thumbs up.

You can also search your own liked snaps by searching ‘photos liked by me’, in case you want to scroll back through all that incriminating evidence of yours.

Don’t freak out too much, though, because you can always adjust your Facebook settings to ensure that no one spies that sneaky Like of your ex-crush’s topless snap. Phew.