Facebook Is Introducing A Marketplace Feature And It’s Changing The Game

Facebook continue their rampage to become the front-page of the internet. Absorbing Instagram and Snapchat’s quirks came easily to insatiable social media beast. More recently it’s been trying to undercut PayPal and now has its sights set on the financial epicentre of the worldwide-web: eBay.

Facebook’s Marketplace is here to offer an alternative to any shady Gumtree or eBay exchanges by allowing you to sell and buy from other Facebook users in your area. The feature is online in the UK now (which is a first considering we never get these features at the same time as the US).

Check out this nauseating launch video for a demonstration of how the marketplace works featuring couples and families frolicking about in sterile apartments.

Once your app updates, you’ll notice a small market stall icon at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be able to browse photos of items that a currently in your area or search for something more specific above.

What’s great about this system that, unlike eBay and Gumtree, there will be an actual person associated with the item for sale. With other marketplace sites you have to deal with an anonymous user-name – it’s not very safe is what we’re saying.


Image credit: Facebook/Newsroom.FB

Before you get too excited and start throwing all your old clothes on your timeline, there’s a couple of things worth knowing.

The marketplace doesn’t yet have an integral payment feature like Venmo or Paypal which seems like a massive oversight since this is the number one security measure any marketplace site needs to take. We’re sure they’ll rectify this in a future update.


Image credit: Facebook/Newsroom.FB

The second thing that’s worth noting is that this feature will probably take a few months to get going (if it catches on at all). People are naturally going to be tentative about selling their stuff on Facebook, especially since a lot of people have spent years building solid eBay rep.

Hopefully the marketplace catches on but until then, we’re holding onto our breath and our outdated clothes.