Beyoncé’s Prom Photo WILL Make Your Day

Beyoncé, was there ever a time when you weren’t stylish? 

Most of our photographic trips down memory lane leave us cringing at horrendous poodle perms, frosted lipstick and too-tight Tammy Girl numbers – but for Bey, it’s different.

Because this ’90s prom snap of her and childhood sweetheart Lyndall Locke shows the singer’s 17-year-old self to be just as much of a stunner as we know her today.

From those perfect pin curls and that flawless foundation to her sophisticated thigh-split gown and statement bling, it’s no wonder this well-groomed glamourpuss turned into one of the world’s biggest megastars.

Sadly for Lyndall, Beyoncé kicked him to the curb after nine years of smooching behind the bike sheds after he admitted to cheating on her. Fool!

At least Jay-Z recognises a total diamond when he sees one, eh Bey?

By Robyn Munson

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