Beyoncé’s Make-Up Regime Is Nothing Like We Thought

Beyoncé is one of those rare and magical creatures blessed with flawless skin, invisible pores and an impossibly perfect pout. After all, she woke up like ‘dis .

But when it comes to her videos, we’d assumed it would be all hands on deck when it came to glamming up the gorgeous megastar, with trunks full of designer lotions potions and every make-up trick in the book being used to make Bey camera-worthy.

We were so wrong.

Francesca Tolot, who has been the singer’s make-up artist since 2003, has been spilling all about the pair’s pre-video prep to Into The Gloss. And there are more than a few surprises.

‘We stopped using lashes quite a few years ago, except for that look in the Blow video, when we went for a really ‘70s look’, she said. ‘At one point I brought up the fact that I feel that false eyelashes are dated, unless you’re going for the retro look. So I talked to her about that, and she totally agreed.’

A mega glam superstar going au naturel in the lash department for her close-ups? We have to say, we’re impressed.

Francesca also revealed that the secret to Bey’s gorgeous on-stage glow is… baby oil. A HUGE plus for those of us without a Beyoncé-sized beauty budget.  

And the hardest beauty look to create for Bey? Well, the one that attempted to her look ugly, obv. ‘Believe it or not, one of the hardest looks to do was for Cadillac Records when she looked so distressed’, Francesca added.

‘Can you imagine – somebody with perfect skin, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, very luminous and happy and full of joy — to make her look so bad?’

A hard task indeed for Ms Flawless.

By Robyn Munson

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