Beyoncé performing at the Super Bowl half-time show

Beyoncé’s ‘Bow Down’/’I Been On’: Love It Or Hate It?

Beyoncé, Queen of Pop, is having a busy few months. Not only did she perform during the Super Bowl half-time show alongside her Destiny’s Child band mates but she’s also preparing for her UK tour The Mrs Carter Show which kicks off next month. Amazingly somewhere in her busy schedule Bey‘s also managed to record and release a clip of two new songs called Bow Down and I Been On.

Like everyone else we rushed to listen to the new offering from the Crazy In Love singer and to say that we were surprised by what we heard would be a massive understatement!

Fans are already divided – some love it, some hate it, but what do you think? Listen to the tracks below and let us know your verdict in the comment section or on Facebook and Twitter using #BeyonceBowDown.

See what everyone else is saying about the ‘Bow Down’/’I Been On’ below… LO

  1. The actual tune is cool though just a shame about the dude moaning over the top of it the whole way through #BeyonceBowDown
  2. #BeyonceBowDown is pretty awful lyrics wise; don’t think you should be telling your fans to ‘bow down bitches’ #error
  3. Hate to conform to my homosexuality but I love Beyoncé’s new song. Love it when she gets all dirty. Bow down bitches!

  4. I’m not really feelin it, though I am feelin the bow down bitches #beyoncebowdown
  5. Just heard the new Beyoncé joint: Different kind of sound on this record. I don’t dislike it personally. I think this was a decent choice to rep Houston and connect with where she is from. Sorta, making here seem “local” or “regular” talking to her haters.

    The Willie D, UGK, Pimp C shout out isn’t ever a bad thing.

    It’s like most of her records. You aren’t sure if you like it, until you hear it for 1 millionth time, then you will be singing along before you know it.

  6. So to all you Beyoncé fans out there..i hope you enjoy her new song calling you all outta your names and saying shes better than you, telling you to bow down to her. Hahahaha!

    -Enjoy.! ❤

  7. It’s Not Even The Content. That’s Justifiable. But The Poor Song Production Isnt. #BeyonceBowDown