Music video director Jake Nava spills the secrets behind making Bey's videos

Beyoncé’s Backstage Video Secrets Revealed

Beyoncé pulled off one of the most epic surprises of all time last December when she released an entire album – complete with 17 full-length music videos – all of which she’d managed to record in secret.

We’ve been baffled ever since about how the busy megastar mum managed to pull this impressive feat off. And now, thanks to Bey’s longtime music video director Jake Nava, we know.

In a brand new YouTube video, Nava spills the singer’s secrets and reveals how Bey created her ah-mazing back catalogue of super sexy music videos totally on the sly. 

Discussing THAT oh-so-risqué Partition vid, Nava says that Beyoncé made it clear she wasn’t afraid of cranking up the sex factor a few thousand notches, despite knowing it would get tongues wagging.

‘Now more than ever she’s famous for becoming a mom [but] that doesn’t stop you from being the sexiest woman you can be’, the director, who is also responsible for Bey’s iconic Single Ladies video, explained.

Adding that the steamfest was shot in Paris and required hubby Jay Z to be flown in from his world tour for one night only specially to watch Bey wind and grind on that stripper pole (totally worth it), Nava admitted he’s still totally awe of the performer even after 12 years of working with her.

‘She’s still clearly one of the most interesting talented artists in the world,’ Nava says about being inspired by Mrs. Carter. ‘No matter what idea I bring to the party, she steps up with as much, if not more, in terms of what she brings to it.’

Get ready to fall in love with the Queen even further after watching it for yourself below…

By Robyn Munson


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