Beyoncé Sheds Halo As Jay-Z Dishes On Their Marriage

Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s rock solid marriage has always had us itching to know about what goes on (and who wears the trousers) behind closed doors at the Carter household – and thanks to Jay, now we know…

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Bey’s music mogul hubby got uncharacteristically honest and spilled the beans about married life for the superstar couple. And it turns out that despite her wholesome image, Beyoncé’s rapper man has managed to bring out her bad side… We knew it!

When asked if Bey was still a good girl, 43-year-old Jay laughed: “Nah. She’s gangsta now.” To be fair, we’d seen the signs – getting gold grills, breaking up rap brawls and getting pulses racing with super sexy photoshoots are not the actions of a prim and proper princess.

The Magna Carta creator also gave us an insight into the early days of Bey and Jay and spoke about how he did everything he could to win his bootylicious babymama over while they were dating.

“Well, you know, you’ve got to try”, he said. “You got to dazzle… wine and dine.” Got that boys? You don’t bag a girl like Bey without some serious wooing.

Jay finished off by adding that even if he wasn’t a multi-millionaire musical genius and was actually pumping petrol at the local Shell garage for a living, he still reckons his wife would’ve succumbed to his charms.

“If I [was] as cool as I am, yes”, he said when asked if Bey would still fancy him. “But she’s a charming Southern girl, you know, she’s not impressed [by much]… I would have definitely had to be this cool.”

We think we just fell for the Jigga Man. Sorry, Bey!

By Robyn Munson

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