Beyonce has given Cheryl a shout-out for THIS epic video

Beyoncé Responds To THAT Cheryl Cole Video…

Beyoncé and Cheryl Cole may be about to become our fave new showbiz girlmance following their latest online love-in.

The 32-year-old US superstar paid Cheryl the ultimate compliment by taking to her Facebook page to praise the Geordie singer’s dance-themed tribute video, which was shared on Instagram last week.

In the clip, the 30-year-old Promise This singer is seen re-creating Bey’s sultry moves to her album track Flawless while on holiday in South Africa – and it looks like Cheryl’s impressive shapes didn’t go unnoticed by her musical hero…

In what might just be the coolest showbiz shout-out we’ve ever seen, Beyoncé decided to share the Girls Aloud star’s video on her official FB page, posting: ‘Yes Cheryl’.

Unsurprisingly, Bey’s excited response left Cheryl more than a little starstruck, with the singer’s PA Lily England taking to Twitter to joke that she ‘had to lie down’ because of the excitement.

‘Holy s**t!!! I’ve just experienced the ultimate fan girl reaction – SERIOUS STAN – she’s dying right about now and has had to lie down.’, Lily posted about Cheryl’s dumbfounded reaction.

Yep, we think we’d have exactly the same reaction. Seriously, can Beyoncé get ANY cooler?!

By Robyn Munson

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