Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Chase Shadows In The Park

Beyoncé has taken to her Tumblr to brighten up our rainy Mondays with yet another totally adorable picture of her and Blue Ivy‘s off-duty girls’ outing, capturing a snap of their side-by-side shadows in the park.

31-year-old Bey’s perfectly-manicured toes can just be seen peeking into the shot as her grown up outline towers over 18-month old Blue’s tiny toddler version as the mother-daughter duo hold hands on their sunny al fresco stroll.

Judging by the shadow of Beyonce’s bowler hat, we’re guessing the heart-warming snap may have been captured during Bey and Blue’s special day at the playground on 4th July, where the Grown Woman singer was seen sporting a classic pork pie trilby with her loose-fitting aztec vest and shorts.

The new snap comes after the Texan born mum-of-one posted a picture of her, husband Jay-Z‘s and little Blue’s matching Timberland kicks on Instagram, sending a great big swarm of “awww”s round the LOOK office last week.

While we can’t get enough of Bey’s and Blue Ivy’s cute online collage, we can’t help but feeling for big daddy Jay, who seems to keep missing out on all of the fun. Especially as the doting music mogul has just been gushing about how hands on he is with his little lady…

When asked by US radio station HipHopDX if he ever had a hand in changing Blue Ivy’s nappies, 43-year-old Jay replied: “Of course, man. That’s my child, man.”

Because no superstar rapper is too cool to Bow Down to baby Blue. 


By Robyn Munson

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