Beyoncé Bike Rides To Her Final Gig In Brooklyn!


shunned the glitzy limos and mega-bucks helicopters and opted for a more modest mode of transport when to rocked up to her final concert in Brooklyn… on a bike! What would Sasha Fierce say?!

Yep, the 31-year-old singer got back to nature and pedalled her way from her home in Manhattan all the way to the Barclays Centre on Monday, cruising a cool three miles across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge for her third and final gig in the city as part of her The Mrs Carter World Tour. We like to think she sneaked a few wheelies in there too…

Hiding her make-up free face (and pap-attracting celebrity status) under a white trilby hat and aviator shades and keeping her biking gear casual with a pair of denim cut-offs and a navy star t-shirt, mum-of-one Bey shared some snaps of her refreshingly normal pre-show transport on Instagram.

“I biked to Barclays from my last show in Brooklyn!”, the Grown Woman singer excitedly wrote. Beyoncé has been spending a lot of time outdoors recently with little Blue Ivy as the mother-daughter duo have been soaking up the summer sun on her days off – maybe a baby Blue booster seat could look good on that ride next time, Bey?

And it seems casual commuting New York-style runs in the family, too. Husband Jay-Z , who later joined his wife on stage for a surprise performance, took the subway to his final Barclays performance last October!

This family are literally too cool for school.

By Robyn Munson

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