Beyoncé And Kelly Rowland Take A Look Back At Their Teens

Beyoncé got a sweet reminder of her childhood years last night after former bandmate and BFF Kelly Rowland posted a cute childhood photo of the twosome on Instagram.

No braces, bowl cuts or bad shell suits in sight, the Destiny’s Child duo flashed their gorgeous girly grins in the grainy black and white picture.

“One of the most precious gifts from GOD! #friendship #MisterandPete,” gushed sassy singer Kel, who dished the dirt on her oldest gal pal’s lazy habits earlier this year.

Kel and Bey first became inseperable in their pre-teens, harmonising together before nabbing fellow belter Michelle Williams for their girl group.

And although these two drop dead gorgeous divas may have gone their separate ways since their schooldays – Bey became a superstar solo artist, hot style icon, loving mum and devoted wife (is there anything she can’t do!?) and Kelly gained even more adoring fans from her X Factor USA judging spot – it’s nice to see this age-old friendship is still as solid as ever.

We wish our nostaligic snaps were even half as cute!

By Claire Blackmore

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