Beyoncé And Jay-Z Share Their Holiday Snaps On Tumblr

Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the world’s most influential power couple, have given fans a sneak peek into their holiday photo album as they take a break with daughter Blue Ivy in Italy.

Queen B, who celebrated her 32nd birthday earlier this month, is making the most of her relaxation period and family time abroad.

In several snaps, Bey appears to be enjoying some fine dining with French champagne and seafood on show, while her husband takes some time out of his hectic work schedule with a cigar in the sun.

It’s clear from her Tumblr pics that the pair are stronger than ever as Beyoncé poses in front of her man, but it’s not just Jay-Z that is showered with attention. The singer etches her beloved daughter’s name in the sand as she frolics on the beach. Cute!

She might be a world away from the red carpet but the mum-of-one still wins style points for her fiesty animal print top and hotpants.

We’re not jealous at all…

By Zara Zubeidi

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