The Make-Up Trend That Makes Your Eyebrows Fall Off

There were many beauty trends to go viral last year, but a worrying side effect seems to have been caused by one of them. 

2015 was ALL about the glitter trends

But the ladies over at Buzzfeed were quick to test out the glitter ‘brow trend, taking their prooned and pimped frace framers to the streets for a day, only to find that their eyebrows fell off.

Yup, you read that correctly. Yikes. 

The video test sees four brave ladies applying the trend to their make-up routine, claiming to have researched varying internet tutorials on how to pull off the look. Using a brush, they each paint over their ‘brows with cosmetic eyelash glue, and then cover in varying shades of glitter. 



Taking to the streets, some of the girls are nervous at the reception they might receive. It’s safe to say that the guys in the office had a hard time understanding the look, with one asking ‘Why? Why?’ 


Things took a slightly more serious turn when it came to make-up removal time. It’s definitely not easy to de-glitter, folks. 

One resorts to getting their sparkly ‘brows professionally removed. Another takes to the nail varnish remover because ‘the internet said.’ 



It looks like clumps of eyebrow hair were pulled away along with the leftover glitter. Ouch. 

The moral of the story? It’s not a good idea to use eyelash glue for anything but your falsies. And don’t believe everything you read on the internet. 

Go figure. 

Pro make-up artist Ricky Wilson tells Refinery29 how to achieve this viral look safely, if you’re still down to giving it a go. You can use hairspray to make your ‘brows a little sticky before applying your glitter, but just make sure you cover your eyes first.

Clever, huh?

Keep those eyebrows safe, ladies…