You NEED To Know This About Exercising Outside In The Winter

It’s Winter and if you rely on good weather for exercising you’re about to find 1,000 excuses for why you won’t have laced up your trainers between now and March. If you don’t have a gym membership or the capital to afford nice fitness classes, the outside is your only route to getting fit.

This becomes a problem when it’s minus three degrees outside, your tired from a long day a work and you don’t own enough layers to compete with the big chill. Not only that but if you don’t prepare correctly running and exercising outside in the bitter cold can actually be dangerous – as lovely as it is to run along the frosty bank of the Thames.

Here are some tips from us and various runners across the web that should help you keep your exercise routine going despite the subzero temperature.

Warm up inside

Even though you should acclimatise to the temperature in your warm up, to make it easier for yourself, warming up inside means that your already warm when the cold hits you. Gentle aerobic exercises should do the trick and then do your stretches once you get into the bitter cold.

Although, as The Telegraph explains, be sure to change temperatures steadily. Drastic differences in body temperature will make you susceptible to chest infections and potentially heart attacks.

Dress to survive 

The typical English winter afternoon requires a specific fitness attire. If the temperature drops below three degrees you’re going to need gloves, a thin hat and a long sleeve shirt with a protective layer. If it’s raining then you’ll need something woollen.

Also, recalling our cycling proficiency revision, don’t wear just enough high-visibility to stuff to be spotted by cars. If we can see you from space, that’s the appropriate amount of safety gear.

Don’t push it

The biggest mistake people make in the Winter is that just because the weather has changed, their abilities have not. Simply not the case. Your body has to work doubly hard in freezing weather and you keeping up your summer evening routine in December is asking for a slap in the face from Mrs Frost.