EXCLUSIVE: Rosie Fortescue Spills MIC End Of Season Party Gossip!

Made in Chelsea is nearly drawing to a close as it gets set to grace our small screens for the final time on Monday (sob!), but before we wave the cast goodbye for another season, we’ve got the Made In Chelsea End Of Season Party to look forward to… Hoorah!

Every year, the MIC reunion show finale seems to get barmier, bitchier, and more dramatic than the last, so we’re hoping for plenty of fireworks this time round. And when we caught up with cast member Rosie Fortescue at her JustFab event, she confirmed all of our drama-filled dreams…

“The season finale is really eventful but the reunion show is super eventful, so don’t think everything’s over next week!”, the stylish reality star exclusively revealed to LOOK.

Filmed at Under The Bridge bar at Stamford Bridge stadium, the one-off reunion show promises sixty minutes of glorious gossip from all of the main MIC players. Hilarious funnyman Rick Edwards will be back playing host as he conducts his typically squirm-worthy interviews with Andy and Louise, Lucy and Spencer, Mark Francis and Victoria, and Phoebe and Jamie Laing. And we’re guessing he gave Biscuit Boy a grilling, as the 24-year-old tweeted afterwards: “Well that was death”. Amazing.

We’ve also been told that Binky’s mum will be making an appearance, and that the show will be award-ceremony-themed, with five special Silver Spoon Awards being dished out to various cast members. Louise for Biggest Sobber? Spenny for Villain of the Year? Jamie for Campest Use of Animal Print? We can only imagine…

The show will also feature a very special video showing what Francis Boulle was really getting up to when he disappeared off to Ghana… 

We’re bursting with excitement already. Catch the Made in Chelsea End of Season Party on June 24 on E4 at 10pm.

By Robyn Munson

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