Why Amber Rose Is The Most Badass Girl *Ever*

Amber Rose, AKA the 32-year old US model, actress and fashion designer, has written a book described as ‘an edgy yet accessible “bad b*tch*” guide to life”.

Here’s everything you need to know about Amber Rose…

She’s Keeping Schtum On Kim And Kanye

She shut down host Andy Cohen on US show Watch What Happens Live while playing“Plead the Fifth” where the guests are asked three questions and are only allowed to refuse an answer once. After Andy attempted to press her about her ex-boyfriend Kanye West — who she dated from 2008 until 2010 — she shot him down swiftly saying, “I’m not talking about Kanye or the Kardashians.”

She Took Part In This Inspiring Slut Walk…

Yep, in a bid to celebrate women’s equality and end slut shaming, Amber led hundreds in a ‘stride of pride’ earlier this month. A literal example of not just talking the talk and actually walking the walk. This comes after her statement dress she wore at the MTV VMA Awards last month – in a bodysuit painted with a number of slut-shaming buzzwords.

Amber Heard Amber Heard during her ‘Slutwalk’


Amber Rose Amber Rose at the MTV VMA awards 2015


She’s (Sort Of) Splitting From Rapper Wiz Khalifa

Currently, she’s in the midst of divorcing 27-year old rapper Wiz Kalifa who is father to her 2-year old son Sebastian. But the pair sparked rumours of a reconciliation earlier this month, after she shared a picture of the pair cosying up together after he supported her after her emotional Slut Walk with the caption, “still ballin’” Watch this space…

You Do Not Want To Mess With Her…

Amber hit back after an interviewer suggested she was portrayed as being little more than a ‘baby mama’ and the ex of a famous rapper. ‘My slutwalk was for ignorant sh*t like this’ she fumed. You tell them, Amber!

Check Out Her Cover For Her Book ‘How To Be A Bad B*tch’…

The book cover shows her stark naked poised with a bow and arrow, with a nude man lying beneath her feet covered in said arrows. And why the hell not? If this isn’t a book for the coffee table, then we don’t know what is….  

Amber Rose Amber Rose’s new book ‘How To Be A bad B•tch’


She Dishes Out The Advice In The Most Brilliant Way…

Part autobiographical, the book is brimming with bits of advice that could apply to every woman. “Don’t avoid getting seconds of food if you’re still hungry. From my own experience, a lot of guys find it very attractive”.

How To Be A Bad B*tch by Amber Rose is out 5th November, £11.99, Simon and Shuster

By Tilly Balfe