Everything You Need To Know About New Love Island Lad Mike

What drama will he cause in the villa?

At the end of last night’s Love Island, we were treated to a surprise glimpse of a new lad about to enter the villa TONIGHT.

In prep for the shocking episode, here’s everything you need to know about the new Islander…

So, who is Mike Thalassitis?

Mike is a 24-year-old semi-professional footballer from London.

What makes him different from the other Love Island lads?

‘I just think I look different to all of them. Tall, dark and handsome – which is what most of the girls have said they are looking for.’

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Why is he entering the villa?

‘It’s a one off experience – it’s an amazing villa, with good looking guys and girls. It looks really fun and this is the first time in my life I haven’t had any commitments.

‘I don’t have a girlfriend, and I feel like I’m mature enough to do it.’

Does he have a dating reputation?

‘My mates know I’m quite selective. Girls would probably think I’m a player but I’m not.

‘I’m very honest and say it exactly like it is. Sometimes that doesn’t work in my favour.’

Is he a romantic?

‘I’m not romantic very often because I would never be that guy to spend money on a girl, show her romance and start falling for her, and then you find out a month later she’s been with lots of other guys.

‘I’m very particular. I’m very all or nothing. I won’t splash cash on girls I don’t really know.’

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What’s his worst idea of a date?

‘Just dates that are filled with complete boredom. When you sit there thinking ‘this is going no where.’

‘When you don’t click and when they don’t laugh at my jokes. I think I’m quite funny.’

What kind of girl would he hate to be with in the villa?

‘Someone that has to always be the centre of attention for the wrong reasons – someone who causes arguments and negative vibes. A girl who thinks she is always right.’

Would he be loyal to the other lads?

‘I have no loyalties. I’m not going in there to try to throw my weight around. They’ve only known each other for a week, so it’s not like they are in proper relationships yet.

‘It’s the name of the game. If I want to go and speak to a bird, I’ll do it. As far as loyalties go, I don’t know these guys from Adam.’

Which girls will he make a move on?

‘Looks wise, I’d say Jessica, Olivia and Amber. But personality is really important – I couldn’t be with Jessica if we were having boring conversation.

‘I want to have a laugh and enjoy the girl’s company.’

Could he see himself getting serious with a Love Island lady?

‘Right now, I’m 24 and I’ve partied a lot, and I still want to party. But if I was to meet the right girl, there’s no way I’d rule it out.

‘I’m only human and if you spend so much time with the girl and start to develop feelings, then it could happen.

‘Definitely staying together within the year but I think I’m too young for kids.’

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How would his ex-girlfriends describe him?

‘They’d probably say I was honest. They’ll likely be shocked to see me on this!’

Has he been heartbroken before?

‘I don’t think I’ve had my heart broken. I might have broken hearts but it’s like any relationship – most don’t end up nicely.’

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Does he have a claim to fame?

‘I’ve never done any TV before, but with the football I’ve played professionally and l’ve played for my country.

‘I was in the newspapers in Cyprus when I scored a winner in a game.’

We are SO excited to see Mike enter the villa tonight!

By Emily Jefferies