Did We Just Hear A Swear Word On Coronation Street…?

Viewers are convinced they heard Eva Price call her cheating boyfriend Aidan Connor a 'b******' on last night's show...

Well. Coronation Street was pretty dramatic last night, wasn’t it?

If you missed it, let us catch you up. Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley) finally learned that her boyfriend Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward) has been cheating.

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Coronation Street

Aidan Connor was caught out last night…

But awkwardly, she accused the wrong woman of doing the dirty on her. Oops.

Her pal Jenny Bradley (Sally Ann Matthews) was the one to spread the wrong gossip, telling Eva: ‘There’s something I think you need to know. Aidan and Alya, they’re having an affair.’

Eva was initially in denial, replying: ‘No, he wouldn’t do that to me,’ but headed home to have it out with Aidan, furiously labelling Alya (Sair Khan) a ‘manky little tart’.

Coronation Street

Crikey. As viewers will know, Aidan was actually unfaithful with Maria Sutherland (Samia Ghadie).

Maria’s currently off the scene, having been imprisoned for illegally marrying her friend Pablo, but we reckon her past may end up catching up with her…

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Samia Ghadie Coronation Street Return

Aidan has actually been cheating with Maria Sutherland

Anyway, Eva’s got enough on plate RN dealing with Aidan – and she definitely let rip on him yesterday.

Things got very heated, to the point where Corrie viewers actually ended up complaining about Eva’s language.

They were sure they heard the character swear before the 9pm watershed, telling Aidan he’s a ‘lying, cheating b******.’

Tweets included: ‘Did Eva just say B******?! 😮🤔 #coronationstreet #Corrie,’ and: ‘#coronationstreet was it just me or did Eva call Aidan a b*****d when she threw the ornament at him?!! [sic].’

One particularly incensed fan wrote: ‘I’m fuming. Eva calling Aidan a b****** on #Corrie before 9pm. @itvcorrie ought to be ashamed. #Corrie.’

Others stuck up for the ITV soap, with one message reading: ‘People have lost their minds that the word ‘b*****d’ was used in #Corrie tonight I love the British public, always something to moan about.’

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