Catherine Tyldesley Opens Up About Her Cheating Storyline

The Coronation Street actress's character Eva Price is caught up in a love triangle between boyfriend Aidan Connor and Maria Sutherland...

We’re feeling pretty sorry for Catherine Tyldesley’s Coronation Street character right now.

Eva Price has found herself part of a love triangle, with her boyfriend Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward) cheating on her with Maria Sutherland (Samia Ghadie). Eep.

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Shayne Ward and Catherine Tyldesley

Shayne Ward’s character has been a naughty boy

Has Catherine found these scenes hard to shoot? Well, unfortunately, she actually feels as though she understands what Eva’s going through.

She tells the Daily Mirror: ‘I’m perfectly qualified to play a woman scorned!

‘I have been cheated on. I’ve poured nail varnish into game consoles and thrown phones in canals! Eva does have the bunny boiler gene, definitely.’

Catherine Tyldesley Tom Pitfield

Catherine Tyldesley now has son Alfie with husband Tom Pitfield

Happily, Cath is now married to personal trainer Tom Pitfield, who she has one-year-old son Alfie with.

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It’s not only her past experiences that helped shape her performance. She also found that delving into Eva’s back story gave her a few pointers.


Catherine adds to Woman’s Own: ‘Every single boyfriend has cheated on Eva so she sticks firmly to that girl rule where you don’t go with another girl’s guy.

‘So it can’t be long before the truth comes out and it hits the fan.

‘A while back we found out a little bit more about her father, that he walked out when she was three. That to me suggests she is desperately craving that male figure.

Catherine Tyldesley body shamers

‘But she has picked players in the past and gone for a certain type of guy. So maybe she could do with going on some first dates.’

Aw. Let’s hope Eva finds happiness soon, eh?