Social Media Was Outraged By *This* Eurovision Moment

If you and your friends were huddled around the television with a few bottles of wine, party streamers and the Eurovision on Saturday night, you weren’t alone.

This year’s contest was hosted in Sweden, and with a guest performance from Justin Timberlake and as much glitter as you can throw a snowglobe at, it didn’t disappoint in the extravagant stakes.

But there was one ‘joke’ which definitely didn’t go down well.

Hosts Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw were quick to make fun of the general hysteria that surrounds the popular sing-off – something that we don’t think anyone can deny, really.



But taking things to a whole other level, the duo likened the feeling to being ‘crazy’, throwing a straitjacket in for good measure. 


Petra said, ‘And if you’re a really crazy fan I strongly recommend the Eurovision straitjacket.

‘You know what they say – crazy is the new black.’

This did not go down well on Twitter.

Fans of the show took to the social media site to share their disapproval. One wrote, ‘A joke about a straitjacket? “Crazy is the new black” REALLY Sweden? REALLY? #Eurovision’.



Others hit out, ‘Eurovision has got some apologising to do’ and ‘Let’s stigmatise mentally ill people with a hilarious straitjacket joke! Nul points #Eurovision’.

One more said, ‘Not on board with “crazy is the new black” joke. Straight jackets aren’t a trend. Mental health isn’t a punchline. #Eurovision’ [sic].

We’re sure that the hosts never meant to offend anyone, but we can understand the audience’s reaction.

Mental illness should never be made light of.