Get The Look: Danielle Peazer’s £22 #LOVE T-Shirt

One Direction‘s girlfriends definitely rank higher on our list of famous-people-to-perve-over than the boys themselves, and that’s because we want to own everything in their wardrobes. And now we can! 

Liam Payne‘s lady Danielle Peazer was seen rocking this super cute customised #LOVE t-shirt yesterday, with the dancer posting on Twitter: “ are doing a collection of hashtag t-shirts to raise money for The Prince’s Trust. I love mine :).”

We love it too! And luckily for us, we can all look as pretty as Peazer in our very own little cropped numbers, which are an absolute steal at £22.

And as well as making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside by knowing you’re helping a good cause, you’ll also be able to rock whatever hashtag taks your fancy…


Get your mitts on one at

By Robyn Munson

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