Este Haim Explains What She Was Doing Behind Chiam At The BRIT Awards

The singer went viral during last night's ceremony...

Este Haim has spoken out about that viral clip from last night’s BRIT Awards.

During the ceremony, host Jack Whitehall went up to Cheryl and Liam Payne’s table – which Este was sat behind – to have what ended up being quite an awkward chat.

Check out Haim’s Este in the background…

But it wasn’t this that people were LOLing about on Twitter. Instead, they couldn’t stop staring at Este in the background, who was making funny faces to the camera and appearing to mouth: ‘Call me’.

Some viewers didn’t recognise her, and took to the site to question who the mystery ‘drunk woman’ was.

The bassist has since hit out at speculation she was intoxicated, tweeting: ‘Not drunk, just living my truth.’ And she’s also reassured Chiam that she wasn’t mocking them.

Haim appeared on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 show this morning, where Grimmers called Cheryl’s phone for Este to leave a message.

She said: ‘I happened to be sitting behind you last night at the BRIT Awards, had an amazing time.

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‘However, some people on the internet are claiming that I may or may not have been, I don’t know, thumbing my nose at the situation in front of me. That’s an Americanism.

‘But I just want to let you know that there’s no beef and I’d like to invite you to my show at Alexandra Palace on June 15, 2018.’

Let’s see if Chezza takes up the invite, eh?