Essena O’Neill Calls Out ‘Fake’ Online Relationships

Instagram fame and the world of social media blogging has come under scrutiny over the past few weeks, after Essena O’Neill sensationally quit her online accounts, but not before revealing the ‘truth’ behind the business she had been a part of. 

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The 18-year-old had amassed over 200,000 followers on YouTube and Tumblr, and 60,000 loyal viewers of her personal Snapchat account, as well as her famous Instagram site. So, naturally, when she started to speak out against the whole biz, people were quick to take notice.



Other bloggers and online names spoke out against the generalisations she made, and to say it became a hot topic of debate is an understatement. 

After removing the filter on her ‘perfect’ lifestyle, Essena has made another video. And this one is sure to ruffle a few more feathers. 

Essena has now spoken out against social media couples – relationships between two individuals with high social followings, who play out their relationship online.

> Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes are amongst the most famous blogger couples, with a massive loyal following. They have not been named by Essena.

She has claimed that many social media couples are ‘fake’, stating that many internet relationships are constructed with the intention of boosting followers and, ultimately, making money.

Bringing it back to her own experiences, she recalls the time that she was approached by an Instagram model, who proposed that they enter into a relationship. But for all the wrong reasons.

Talking of the ‘famous supermodel’, she says that he initially started commenting on her pictures, and she was taken aback by the fact that he was the ‘most good looking person I’d ever seen.’



She explains: ‘He ended up calling me for four hours and he was really funny and really nice and really sweet.

‘He sent me a ridiculous amount of selfies, which again should have been a turn off, and he asked to see a good night pic from me.

‘My skin was not great so I put on a really thin layer of foundation and I took a whole heap of selfies and I ended up sending him this stupid one because I just thought the whole process was so stupid I didn’t understand why he wanted a goodnight selfie.’

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Sound innocent enough? Well, she then revealed that he proposed a ‘business’ deal in the form of an online relationship.

‘He referred to other couples that had been doing it; he said we’d have all this free travel and that if we became a couple we’d both bump up our followers and we could make YouTube videos and get heaps of money.’

She went on: ‘He said in the industry it’s not unheard of to do this, that it’s actually really smart and that I should think about it seriously as a business proposal.’

She concluded: ‘It really shocked me realising that this person was only pursuing me because I had a heap of followers.’

In her video, called Love Gets Likes, Essena did not drop any names of the couples that she believes might be doing this.

But we still think this might cause a little outrage amongst the online community…