This Morbid, Unseen Episode Of Friends Will Change The Show Forever

Friends is arguably a perfect television show. Sure, Seinfeld is smarter and the classic sit-coms of the 80s were consistently great but the legacy of Central Perk is everlasting.

Maybe 10 seasons was too many, maybe the last two seasons aren’t that compelling, but Friends will always have a place in our hearts.

Which is why it’s heartbreaking that after a decade of movie rumours, cast secrets and fan theories, we still hear rumblings of how Friends isn’t the perfect show we believe it to be. How the writers were actually thinking about killing off our favourite character…


Okay not really. That would be a dark u-turn that would probably sentence the show to death. The darkest thing that ever probably happened to the Friends is when Ross gets all suited up for Rachel’s prom and then her original date turns up (he was just late, it happens).

This new, unseen episode takes the show in a much darker direction. Titled: “The One Where Chandler Dies” you can probably guess what happens.


Basically Chandler is killed in a car accident (which is weird seeing as across the entire series only two of the core friends own a car – excluding that bright red sports car Ross buys).

He then comes back as an annoying spirit to keep the wacky adventures of the now five friends.

We’ll be the first to admit, it’s not the greatest mashup but that’s in part due to the fact that it’s hard to stitch together a sad storyline from a series blanketed in laughs and forever-changing hairstyles. Instead we’ve got a part-sinister, part-dark comedy ghost story.

In case you feel too uncomfortable to watch the full 15 minutes (we don’t blame you) the Independent shared the bullet points of what happened to the Friends post-Chandler.


Either way, this episode is further evidence to prove that TV shows don’t need to keep killing characters to make for interesting plot-lines.