Emma-Jane Woodhams Posts An Emotional Video About Pregnancy Trolls

The Love Island star has been receiving some horrific messages on social media, and she will NOT stand for it...

Love Island‘s Emma-Jane Woodhams revealed some lovely news earlier this week… she’s pregnant!

Of course, this is an incredibly exciting time for the 20-year-old. But disgustingly, her big announcement has been tainted by vile online trolls.

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Cast your minds back to 2016’sĀ LI and you’ll remember that Emma hooked up with Terry Walsh, amid his mega-awkward break-up with Malin Andersson.

She and Terry went on to date for a few months, but they split earlier this year. She’s now loved-up with childhood sweetheart Jordan, who’s the father of her baby.

Clearly, Emma’s put the whole love triangle behind her – but some haven’t forgiven her. In a series of emotional videos, she’s opened up about the horrific comments she’s received on social media.

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She says: ‘Last year on Love Island I made a mistake, I made a massive, massive mistake and I know that.

‘The amount of abuse I take, still now, because of it, from strangers that won’t let me live down a mistake I have repeatedly apologised for is horrendous.

‘Nobody is speaking out and saying, behind these accounts we are real people with real feelings and we get very hurt by people who have absolutely no right to say such spiteful and vile things because they don’t like us on a show which was intended for a bit of light-hearted entertainment.

Part 1. So i have finally found the guts to post this video after my pregnancy was announced, i have never spoken out like this. Here i have stripped myself back and will, for the last time, apologise for last year. This is also the only time i will justify and defend my pregnancy. I am not a bad person i made a bad judgement and a bad decision as a niave 19 year old, what a difference a year can make. I have grown up so much because of last year and do not deserve to be punished forever. Trolling is not ok and it is not an issue that will go away by ignoring it. Thank you to all of you lovely people who have and continue to support me, not judging me. I literally love every single one of you. Im also sorry for how deflated and droany i sound i was that morning to be honest. After this goes out i just want to move foward, be happy and enjoy my pregnancy. Any nasty comments will be deleted. #closingachapter #movingfoward #havingmysay #ineedtodothis

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‘When people bring my family into the comments, that’s what hurts me the most, that’s what cuts me deep, but I’m very lucky that I have an amazing family that love me, and forgiven me for Love Island last year, so I think that it’s time that the public do too.

‘I just want to say, to put it to bed, I have actually known the dad for seven years almost so it’s not just like some random guy or one night stand like people are saying. That’s purely rumour.

‘I don’t feel like I should have to justify that but I will if it means that people can leave it alone a little bit.

Emma had a controversial relationship with Terry Walsh on last year’s Love Island

‘I’ve had messages saying that my baby should get Down’s Syndrome and that I deserve to have my baby kicked out of me. One girl said she hoped I die delivering it so… people don’t have to like me, I’m not asking that, all I’m asking is, if you don’t like me scroll past.

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‘If you don’t like what I’m doing, you don’t need to tell me. I don’t need to hear your opinion just like you don’t have to read my profile or an article about me. I’m just going to go forward from this and hold my head high, and look into the future.

‘Obviously I’m really excited for the next few months and beyond and I will keep you updated on all things me and baby as and when I find them out and as and when things happen.’

It’s safe to say we’re appalled to hear what Emma’s been going through.

We’re sending you all our love, lady. And don’t let those keyboard warriors win.