Emma Willis’s New Show Leaves Everyone In Tears

It’s safe to say that Emma Willis’s new show What Would Be Your Miracle is quite an emotional one.

The documentary series follows people who are about to benefit from medical breakthroughs, and the first episode aired last night.

We met a 10-year-old boy with cerebral palsy named Garin Morgan, who was hoping to take his first steps after pioneering surgery on his spine.

Garin Morgan was hoping to learn to walk


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It also told the story of Andrea Dodds, a partially blind and deaf mother for whom a cochlear implant to help her hear would keep her connected to the outside world.

Emma was seen shedding a tear on the programme, and viewers were also incredibly moved when both operations appeared to have been successful.

Andrea Dodds had a cochlear implant in the hope of improving her hearing


Garin took his first ever steps, walking over to his parents for the first time, while Andrea broke down after correctly identifying a sound as waves.

One Tweeter wrote: ‘@EmmaWillis just caught up on #YourMiracle. Emma what an amazing program. Incredible stories of incredible people. I’m a blubbering wreck.’

Another said: ‘Watching #yourmiracle and am a mess already at just the opening credits!’

We later saw Garin walking, leaving his family in tears


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Emma – who filmed the show over a two-year period – has previously said: ‘It’s so different. I’d never done anything like this before and I loved it. I’m so proud of it.

‘It’s two years for three hours of telly, but it’s the whole process: pre-op, op, post-op and then recovery time, which can be anything from two months to a couple of years, so you’re at the mercy of how they recuperate and the consultants, surgeons, the NHS.

Emma Willis (understandably) got very emotional


‘But it was worth the wait, to reach the moment they find out if the miracle they’ve dreamed of for years will happen.

‘It makes you realise when you’re pulling your hair out because your little one’s dropped milk all over the floor, life could be a whole lot more tricky.’