Chloe Khan Has Broken Her Social Media Silence Since *That* Exit Interview

Emma Willis was criticised for her 'judgemental' interview with CBB's Chloe. And now, both of them have broken their silence...

And another housemate has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

On Friday night we waved goodbye to Chloe Khan after a twist of fate – with a little helping hand from her fellow housemates – saw her lose to Marnie Simpson.


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Viewers had already been calling for Emma Willis to ‘quit’ the Channel 5 show, but many then criticised her for an ‘unprofessional’ exit interview with Chloe Khan.

It’s been one of the most talked-about moments of the series so far, so it was only natural that Emma would quiz Chloe on her relationship with Bear. But many fans thought that her approach was ‘judgemental’.

One fan of the show wrote, ‘Is Emma Willis trying to shame Chloe? It’s 2016. You’re an interviewer not a judge. She’s also an adult & can date whoever she wants.’

Another tweet read: ‘Why’s Emma Willis being such a cow with Chloe? CBB would have been boring without Chloe and Bear’s romance!’


After Emma entered the house to deliver the news, she came out with some very strong feelings about the Stephen Bear situation.

Having a little natter with Rylan on the CBBBots sofa, Emma let slip how she really felt being in the CBB garden with this year’s most controversial housemate.

Speaking of the fact that Bear kept questioning the risk game, she admitted: ‘Do you know what? That p***** me off. It was not genuine, he knew exactly what we had said and he egged it, and egged it, and egged it for a bit more camera time, and I find that infuriating.

Emma continued, ‘I am there to do my job, so please play ball. You like to play the game apparently, just play the game right now. For once, this isn’t about you, it is about your bird and her mate.’

Since leaving the house, Chloe has spoken out about her relationship with Bear, taking to Instagram to write: ‘I MISS MY TEDDYBEAR ?????? #TEAMBEAR #BEARWINNERCBB #yougotthisbaby (you saw a few mins of us for every 24 hours . Remember that ❤)’.

Oh, Bear. You either love him or you hate him.